Social Evening

We are proud to announce the wonderful Social Evening that we have put together for the Friday evening, 7.30-10.30 pm.

This will include two well-known acts.

Kirsty Almeida

Creativity imbues the life of songwriter and vocalist, Kirsty Almeida. From caringly crafting her albums and live performances, to fostering social enterprise and mentoring her fellow creatives – each facet of the Gibraltarian artist’s career reflects the sanctity and magic of art and self-expression.

Kirsty now lives in the North of England, laying roots in locations that resonate with her spirituality and stir her appreciation of nature. After her music career took off in 2010, exposing her to the realities of the major label machine, Kirsty withdrew to a place of creative autonomy. Therein she found the freedom to create and release music as she pleased, to collaborate on projects musical and entrepreneurial (such as Manchester’s fondly-remembered arts and wellbeing centre, The Wonder Inn) and most importantly, to raise her child.

Her affinity with 18th and 19th century parlour guitars also informs her songwriting. Instruments that embody femininity, they lend what Kirsty calls an ‘indescribable magic’ to the music they deliver.

​Four albums, featured on film soundtracks Pategonia, Albatross, Arrow and award winning children's app Lucy Ladybird, Kirsty Almeida is an artist in every sense, who having returned to her foremost passion, is creating her finest work to date.