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The Manchester Institute For Psychotherapy

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Conference 2019

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy offers several sponsorship and branding packages with regards to this conference.

The Manchester Institute was formed in 1987 and we are one of the largest Psychotherapy Training providers within the UK and specifically and the North West. We have been training people in the world of Psychotherapy for the last 30 years and we have been offering vibrant CPD opportunities since our inception.

We have developed many contacts in the area of Psychotherapy and Counselling and not only are we a training institute but we also are foremost a placement provider.

We have constantly been organising Psychotherapy conferences and since 2007 we have been running biennial Psychotherapy and Counselling conferences. Our last Psychotherapy Conference was at the Chancellors building, which is part of the Manchester University, in 2015. It was a huge success and we are renowned for organising successful conferences in the world of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Mental Health.

We are offering 3 distinct types of sponsorship opportunities:

* Gold

* Silver

* Bronze

These sponsorship and branding opportunities are of utmost importance in terms of networking, connection and getting your branding “out there” in the public domain, and specifically in the area of mental health services, psychotherapy and counselling services/trainings.

By sponsoring our conference you will have certain benefits according to the level of sponsorship you actually take out with us.

We hope to attract up to 200 people from the areas of psychotherapy, counselling and mental health world. Many of the presenters of the workshops are leaders in their own areas of expertise and the keynote speakers of this conference hold a level of prestige on a global level.
Sponsorship will also mean:

* Global visibility in the UK and specifically the North West

* Increased visibility to the psychotherapy/counselling and mental health networks

* Expression of networking opportunities in the above areas and of course social connections

* Your name, services and products will “stand out” from your competitors in the arena of your specialized services and trainings.


* One full page advertisement in our conference brochure.

* Your specific brand on the conference website

* An exhibition table in the hotel exhibition area

* Your sponsorship allocated to items

* Your promotional material included in the welcome pack for delegates

* Prominent positioning of company logo

* Screen credit

* Speech credit


SILVER SPONSORSHIP               £199

*          Half a page advertisement in our conference brochure

*          Your promotional material included in the welcome pack for all delegates

*          Screen credit

*          Speech credit


BRONZE SPONSORSHIP                      £120

*          Quarter page advertisement in our conference brochure

*          Your promotional material included in the welcome pack for all delegates

*          Screen credit

*          Speech credit

If you are interested in any of the above packages please contact the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy on 0161-862 9456 or

Email Bob Cooke at:

Address: Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, 454 Barlow Moor Road,

Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0BQ