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Conference 2019

Friday Keynote Speech - Dr Richard Erskine

Compassion is central to the client-therapist relationship.  We express compassion through our affective Attunement, our attention to the client’s natural rhythm, our focus on our client’s Relational-Needs, and our constant responsiveness to the developmental levels of neglect and trauma.

Hope is generated in our clients’ lives through our consistent acknowledgement, Normalisation, and Acknowledgement.

Forgiveness is about being at peace with oneself and one’s past.

Saturday Keynote Speech  - Professor Mick Cooper

Relational depth and Psychotherapy

Relational depth is a state of profound contact and engagement between two people in which each person is fully real with the other, and able to understand and value the other’s experiences at a high level.

Over the past 15 years, researchers in the psychotherapy and counselling field have worked to understand more about this phenomenon, and how it relates to the therapeutic process and outcomes.

In this keynote presentation, Mick Cooper, who has led this research, will present a summary of what has been found. The presentation will look at research on the experience of relational depth, its prevalence amongst therapists and clients, the relationship between relational depth and clinical outcomes, and the factors that facilitate--and inhibit--the development of an in-depth encounter.  The talk will also discuss new measures that have been developed to assess levels of relational depth.

Sunday Keynote Speech  - Dr Jonathan Lloyd

 In this keynote speech, Dr. Jonathan Lloyd will explain why he believes Hope is an essential ingredient in therapy.

Often, clients will arrive in therapy in a state of hopelessness, it is vital that when appropriate the therapist retains hope on behalf of their client.

In this keynote speech, Dr. Jonathan Lloyd will introduce recent and relevant research on how Hope can be dealt with effectively in therapy.  He will also review how the context and environment effect hope and how this impacts on the process of Hope as a verb v Hope as a noun.

Dr. Jonathan Lloyd is a Counsellor and Supervisor in private practice.  His professional doctorate from the University of Manchester involved researching metaphor in therapy and is the author of his a newly acclaimed book titled “Whales in the Desert”.