Saturday Gala Dinner

Pre Dinner Drinks 7.00 pm

Dinner 7.30 pm


This unique extravaganza and wonderful Gala Dinner will take place on Saturday evening, 7.30 sit down, 7.45 food.

Accompanying the Gala Dinner will be a fabulous String Quartet and our resident Poet will deliver another fabulous poem.

Pre Gala Dinner Drinks will be 7.00 pm and the price of the Gala Dinner includes one drink.

The Gala Dinner itself is a three course dinner of high excellence and you will be able to choose your own tables and even pre-book the table you wish to have.

Please don’t miss this unique evening as it will be no only a chance for fine dining but it will be an opportunity for meeting old friends and colleagues as well as listening to the amazing String Quartet.

The price is £50 per person. Please click the attached link to take you to the payment page.