Saturday Keynote Speech

Empathy, Agency and Empowerment: Aspects of Psychotherapy.

Richard G. Erskine

Keynote address November 9, 2024

In this keynote address Dr. Erskine will draw on the philosophical principles of a Relationally-focused Integrative Psychotherapy to elaborate on the many forms of empathy.  He will describe the significance of the relational-need for agency and how a sense of empowerment emerges from  empathic parental functions of stabilization, regulation, reparation, and enhancement.

Dr. Richard G. Erskine  is a  certified Clinical Transactional Analyst and a Licensed Psychoanalyst. Originally trained in Client-Centered therapy with Robert Neville, associate of Carl Rogers,  Richard also studied Gestalt therapy with both Fritz and Laura Perls.   Richard has published published a dozen books and numerous articles on the theory and methods of psychotherapy.  On three occasions he has been awarded the prestigious the Eric Berne Award for the advancement and refinement of Transactional Analysis Theory.